Piclody is a portmanteau of “picture” and “melody”. As our name suggests, Piclody is a studio that specializes in producing world class audio for visual media. Piclody’s expertise include vocal recording, dubbing in diverse languages. For over ten years since 2008, we have helped a range of clients from all over the world produce high quality work.

We also help domestic manufacturers procure professional recording resources from around the world. For anything related to audio production, leave it to Piclody for a seamless end-to-end service experience. We cater not only to the multimedia audio-visual production industry, but also the publishing industry, TV film industry, and producers from various markets. Just contact us and you can see the finished product with peace of mind!

Our Services

Studio Rental

Mandarin (Chinese) Language Audio Production

International Language Audio Production

Internet or Remote Voice Recording Service

Gaming Voice Production

Film and TV Voice Production

Sound Production

Music Production

Music Licensing

Our Clients


DBS Bank

Anti-money laundering and anti-corruption training materials


Music Production for the NIKE Training Club


Training content production for Mini’s experimental stores

Hewlett-Packard / HP

Voice production for explanation videos on Hewlett-Packard's official Taiwan YouTube channel


Cantonese and Mandarin commercial production for Aerial Laundry Detergent in Japan


Mandarin voice production for The Mansion of the Mind


OFFICE365 series introduction, advertisement and description


Voice production for the Nintendo Switch Paper Mario ad campaign in Taiwan


CAT series mobile phone use and operation instructions

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